Can You Restore WhatsApp Chat History to iPhone?

This articles shows two effective methods to restore WhatsApp chats  from PC/iCloud backup to iPhone 7 plus/SE/6s plus/6 plus/5s/5c.

Getting into a habit of backing up WhatsApp data is pretty much important for your business. Just imagine, you have had an important chat with your client, and later you perform factory reset on your iPhone or delete WhatsApp unintentionally. Well, you lose all the chats including that with your VIP client.

In this article, we will demonstrate two ways to backup and restore WhatsApp messages on iPhone.

How to Restore Certain WhatsApp Messages on iPhone?

Jihosoft WhatsMate is a perfect solution which allows you to restore certain pieces of WhatsApp messages from computer to iPhone 7 plus/6s plus/6 plus/5s etc. If you have use this tool to backup WhatsApp from iPhone to PC previously, now you can launch the program to let you restore iPhone WhatsApp.

When WhatsMate recognizes your iPhone, it automatically scans the backup files found on your computer, or you can hit the SELECT button to locate your desired backup. 

Then you can view the files inside your WhatsApp backup. Choose those you need, and click RESTORE to transfer them backup to your iPhone device.

How to Restore The Entire WhatsApp Backup to iPhone?

You can use the WhatsApp built-in backup function to backup all the WhatsApp data to iCloud. This method is applicable to situations where you restore iPhone to factory setting, or want to restore WhatsApp messages on new iPhone.

To create a iCloud backup of your WhatsApp messages,you can take a trip into WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup and tapping Back Up Now.

Once you finish backing up WhatsApp from iPhone to iCloud, whenever you want to restore WhatsApp messages on iPhone from iCloud backup, you just simply uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it on your device.

After you verify your phone number, the app will prompt you to perform the restoration. Depending on your network environment and the backup file size, the restoration process may take a few minutes to an hour to complete.


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