How to Fix WhatsApp Notification not Showing Contact Names?

Summary: After the release of WhatsApp new update, iPhone WhatsApp users run into an annoying bug that WhatsApp notification won’t showing details of the sender name and the received messages.

“I recently updated WhatsApp to its latest version, and now I am getting notifications without the contact name and message details appearing!”, one WhatsApp users complained on Twitter.

WhatsApp recently updated their app and it has caused a little bit of hassle for many iPhone users. The new update has been bringing iPhone WhatsApp users an annoying bug that stops them seeing the name of a message sender when they get a message incoming notification. In simple terms, you can simply see the word “Messages” without any sender details as the picture shown above.

It is believed that this problem is caused by a recent WhatsApp update, so if you have recently updated your WhatsApp to the newest version, chances are that you are not able to see the details of the incoming messages in the notifications on your iPhone. Although it’s just a minor bug, but it’s proving very annoying. But there is no need to panic, as this issue can be fixed easily.

Fix WhatsApp Notification Not Displaying Contact Names

Step 1. Open WhatsApp and go to Settings > Notifications, and then enable the “Show Preview” option.
Step 2. Next, on your iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications > WhatsApp > turn on the “Show Preview” option too. Here make sure that “Always” or “When Unlocked” is selected.

If you want it to display only the WhatsApp sender name without the message details on your iPhone screen, you could follow these steps.
Step 1. Tap on WhatsApp Settings > Notifications > switch on “Show Preview”.
Step 2. While on your iPhone Setting, also go to Notifications > WhatsApp > toggle on the “Show Preview”. Here you have to choose “Never” as the option.

Tip on How To See Your WhatsApp Account Report

The new WhatsApp update also introduces a wholly new feature that allows you to see a report of your WhatsApp account information and other settings. To reach to this report, you will have to navigate to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Request Account Info. After that, you can get the details of your WhatsApp account.

If after upgrading to the latest WhatsApp version, besides WhatsApp notification not displaying contact names, you run into other issues such as white screen or sluggish performance in WhatsApp, it’s suggested to uninstall the WhatsApp app completely from your iPhone and then reinstall it from App store or from WhatsApp official download site.

As data loss may happen unexpectedly, you may also want to freely backup your WhatsApp data from iPhone to computer and then restore them at any time.

We hope that this guide to be able to help you with the WhatsApp notification problem. If you have any question or new solution, would you mind sharing with us on the comment section?


  1. Some users report that upgrading iPhone to iOS 11.4 and then download and install WhatsApp from App Store again can fix this issue too. For your reference.


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