How to Backup WhatsApp from iPhone to Computer/iCloud?

Do you always chat with family, friends or colleagues via WhatsApp on your iPhone? If so, these chat history on your iPhone must hold some valuable memories or may be about business issues so that you don’t want to lose any of them. Of course, there are many ways you can use to back up the WhatsApp chat history on iPhone.

In this article, we suggest you two simple and effective methods to back up iPhone WhatsApp data, and compare their pros and cons.

Method 1: Backup WhatsApp from iPhone to PC/Mac

You can use Jihosoft WhatsMate to back up WhatsApp data from iPhone 7 (Plus)/6s (Plus)/6 (Plus)/5s/5c/5/4s/4 to PC/Mac for free. This tool enables you to back up all kinds of WhatsApp data: conversations, call logs, contacts, photos and other attachments. Through this tool, you can also preview all WhatsApp files on computer, and choose any of them to back up.

The following article will guide you through the steps to back up and restore iPhone WhatsApp on PC/Mac:

Launch the program, and then choose “Backup WhatsApp data to computer”.

Then, connect iPhone to PC/Mac and click “Next” when the program identifies your device.

After that, the program begins analyzing your device automatically. Once it finishes, select the items you want and click “Backup”.

Note: WhatsApp media like images are included in Chats, if you want to back them up, you just need to back up the chats which contain the media you want. And the media will be saved in a separate folder on your computer.

After you have backed up iPhone WhatsApp to computer, you can restore it whenever you need. Go to the program’s interface, choose “Restore WhatsApp data from backup file” and select backup file to restore. It is that simple.

- Selectively choose WhatsApp data to back up and restore
- Never overwrite any data on phone/computer
- Backup files are viewable
- Free to back up WhatsApp data

Method 2: Backup WhatsApp from iPhone to iCloud

As time goes on, WhatsApp has been made more simple and practical. And now we can use the iCloud backup feature to directly back up and restore WhatsApp chat history on iPhone. Before we start, please make sure that you have signed into iCloud on your device.

To manually back up your iPhone WhatsApp data, please navigate to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and tap “Back Up Now”.  

Even more, you can enable automatic, scheduled backups by doing this: tap “Auto Backup” and then choose your backup frequency.

Note: You can choose whether to include videos or not from the backup.

And likewise, to restore iPhone WhatsApp from iCloud is as simple as this: uninstall & reinstall WhatsApp > log in with the same WhatsApp account > tap “Restore Chat History” when prompted.

- Free of charge
- Easy to operate

- Must have enough available space in iCloud&iPhone for the backup
- Compulsorily back up the whole WhatsApp data
- Unable to view WhatsApp backup files
- New backup overwrites the old one


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